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834 Inman Village Parkway, Unit 270, Atlanta, GA 30307 Location/Contact 404.873.0470 Employee Paystub Access

Business and Individual Tax Preparation Services

The Taxation Group brings years of experience, training and strategic options to our clients.

Members of our Team meet at least twice per year with clients to discuss projections and options for tax strategy. There are a variety of legitimate actions which can assist in lowering or deferring tax liability.

The increasing complexity of our tax laws creates opportunities for taxpayers. The SBS professionals are engaged in research and seminars throughout the year in order to bring the most recent changes to the client.

Often, SBS provides planning and tax preparation for the business and its owner(s). Planning is an interactive process between the entity or multiple entities and the members/shareholders. SBS works with individuals who seek year-round professional guidance, have high net-worth positions, or have multiple taxable activities.

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