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Payroll Group

The SBS Payroll Group offers personal, immediate response to client requests and inquiries. Accurate processing and customized plans and services make SBS a unique provider in this area of expertise.

Payroll Plus

An internal payroll option that handles employee wages from processing to tax remittance to direct deposit of the employee paycheck. Processes are handled electronically, relieving the employer of paperwork, deadlines, and possible penalties.

Pre-tax and post-tax deductions are handled as needed by Payroll Plus. Reporting is clear and to the point. Clients receive three-day advance notice as to cash requirements for approaching payroll dates. Each payroll is handled with consideration for the client’s needs.

Benefits Plus

Small businesses are wise to attract talent through offering a package of benefits that mirror what a large corporation can offer. Through our benefits service, we can package a traditional 401(k) plan; medical insurance; workers compensation insurance; dental insurance; cafeteria plan including pre-taxed medical and dental premiums, dependent care, and a Flexible Spending Account. Other benefits such as disability and group life insurance can be added to the package. Upon determining the products to be offered in the package, SBS will shop those benefits, handle the paperwork and introduce the package to your employees. As the employees are involved in the products, questions and changes by employees are handled by SBS. The burden of having a Human Resource officer in your company is relieved as the SBS team takes on that burden! Benefits Plus also customizes an Employee Handbook for your company, which gives a business-like approach to employment and is a written form of the benefits, requirements and policies for your company.

Payroll Quarterly Reporting

This set of reports is due January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31. A minimum of three agencies require reporting of wages and withholding or assessment of taxes.

Clients may choose the option of processing a paycheck via their accounting system and remitting the taxes, if applicable. Prior to the reporting month, the SBS Payroll Team alerts our clients as to the data needed to complete the reports. Some reports can be e-filed; those that cannot are emailed to the client with specific instructions and steps to follow.

SBS prepares multi-state reports, where rules and rates vary. Agency identification numbers can be applied for through SBS and the client advised of any tax costs on unemployment state to state.

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