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Planning is the umbrella service at SBS. In every encounter with clients, Team members offer proactive solutions to business, tax and management issues.

Entity Structure consultation is critical to a number of desired outcomes for a new or expanding venture. Capital acquisition, member/shareholder loans and draws, short or long-term profitability projections are a few of the issues that are considered in this process. SBS can implement the formation of recommended entities or elections.

Business Agreements are recommended by SBS and finalized as a written document. Contractor agreements, buy-sell agreements and member or shareholder agreements are important operating processes that can make a difference. Meetings with all parties to initiate the process and review and explain agreements are part of this consultation engagement.

Financial Projections are needed for loan packages, business plans and business expansion. Cash-flow projections are useful to business owners for determining prioritization of operating and debt expense, and to identify business financial cycles.

Specific Issue Consulting are opportunities for clients to brainstorm with our SBS professionals about any number of issues that come up during the course of doing business. Examples may be:

  • Contractor versus employee factors
  • Expansion: multiple locations, additional services, personal and supporting structure
  • Election of s-corporation status
  • “How do I handle?” accounting and system questions
  • Buy versus Lease
  • Sell or rent property

Simple urgent questions that can be vetted with an experienced professional via teleconference or office conference.

Retirement Plans for businesses and individuals are important tools for long-term security, current tax deductions, and employee retention. SBS works with clients to determine the best plan, the budget for contributions and a recommendation for an administrator.

Compensation issues are a consistent consulting need. A requirement of forming a corporation is officer/shareholder wages. SBS consultants develop a compensation package that meets compliance and owner needs.

Businesses may develop compensation/bonus/profit sharing formulas to attract and retain talent. Companies that utilize sales personnel may need assistance in formulating commission compensation packages.

Transition Consulting for businesses and individuals n which guidance for effective decision making is needed. Transition can include executive retirement, business succession, exit planning, bringing on new partners, business expansion, and other opportunities.

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