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Four Things That Destroy Your Focus

Four Things that Destroy Your Focus

FOCUS – 4 Things That Destroy It and How to Have a More Productive Workday

The average employee spends 40-50 hours a week in the office. That is a  lot of time! And you want that time to be as productive as possible. There are a lot of little culprits that eat focus and inhibit creativity in the workplace. We’ve put together a top four list as well as helpful tips to stay on task. Enjoy! 

1. Clutter destroys your FOCUS

According to this article from Psychology Today, clutter can be incredibly distracting and inhibiting to productivity. A desk piled high with projects is a reminder of the things we have not yet accomplished and can create feelings of stress and anxiety. Not to mention, the focus we lose when searching for what we need in a messy office. How often have you spent an extended period of time just staring at a pile of work on your desk? Working in a cluttered environment crushes your motivation and energy.

What to do?

Take time at the beginning of every day to clean up. Put away anything that does not need to be on your desk and neatly organize items by project and priority.






2. Doing It All At Once destroys your FOCUS

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the idea of multi-tasking. Some say it cannot be done, others say it is the only way to get things done. There are also many definitions for multi-tasking. Either way, trying to do it all at once can be overwhelming and counter productive.

What to do?

Try batching (or blocking) your tasks. This is the practice of grouping tasks into sections and accomplishing one section at a time. For example, from 10:00-11:00 every morning I answer the most pressing e-mails in my inbox. From 11:00 to Noon I focus on our social media calendar and updates. This is a much simpler way to organize your time than bouncing back in forth from one thing to another.






3. Not Moving destroys your FOCUS

Sitting still for a long period of time can make you sleepy and exposure to florescent lighting in the office doesn’t help the situation.

What to do?

Get up and move around. Hopefully your office policy allows you to get up for brief periods of time to get your body (and your brain) moving. If not, make sure to get in a few laps on your lunch break. If the weather is nice, you can take your walk outside and maybe get a co-worker or two to join you. More and more companies are embracing active lifestyles as a way to keep employees happy and healthy, so check to see if your company has a bicycle rental program or a gym membership discount!






4. Forgetting Your Goals destroys your FOCUS


It is easy to get caught up in the stress of the day-to-day and forget our long term goals. And when you forget what you are working toward you lose motivation in what you are doing.

 What to do?

Keep a list of your goals in a visual space and revisit them frequently. Your list of goals should not be a stagnate piece of paper, pinned to your cork board and forgotten about. It should be a living document, constantly changing and evolving with you and your dreams.















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