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SBS clients range in size from new businesses with no revenue to larger companies at the $20M level. Our approach is to customize our services to the specific needs of each client. To that end, we meet with each prospective client to design a set of solutions and a budget as presented in a proposal before beginning our engagement.

Below are some of our very satisfied clients.


  • Atlanta Youth Soccer Association, Inc.
  • Betta Place, Inc.
  • Candler Park Neighborhood Association
  • Clifton Sanctuary Ministries, Inc.
  • DeKalb History Center
  • Friends of Mills, Inc.
  • Global Peacemakers Association Atlanta
  • Kashi Atlanta, Inc.
  • Midtown Neighborhood Association
  • Mountaintop Boys’ Home
  • Allliance Building Corp
  • Georgia Justice Center
  • Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta
  • International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance & Research Inc.


Each year, a non-profit company encounters delays and frustration in completing an annual audit, essential to procuring grants. Daily bookkeeping included charges for five staff credit cards, periodic reimbursed expenses, facility payables, restricted grants and individual donations with thank you letters needed. The staff member responsible combined bookkeeping with another full-time responsibility. The Board of Directors received inaccurate, late reports. Bank balances and cash requirements were not known.


SBS was engaged to clean up the existing data, tying all Balance Sheet accounts to source documents. Our Senior Consultant worked with the auditors to provide detailed reports and answer inquiries. The accounting system was improved to achieve efficiency and timely reporting.

After reorganization and through an evolution of delegation, the Board of Directors engaged with SBS to position its virtual accounting office with our company, with a Small Business Management Consultant in charge of bookkeeping, cash-flow control, donation letters, and prompt response to staff requests. SBS’s payroll option, Payroll Plus, handles payroll processing for the staff of ten. The SBS Senior Consultant is the outsourced CFO, reviewing the accounting system, working with the auditors, creating specialized cost reports required by the State of Georgia, and assuring accurate, timely reporting to the Board of Directors.

Design & Creative

  • Artifact Design
  • Billy Howard Photography
  • Bluetube Interactive
  • Crawford-Mikus Design
  • EuroPacific Films LLC
  • Look-Listen LLC
  • Matassa Editorial
  • Paul Cheek Architects
  • Porch Light Studio
  • Red Clay Media & Advertising LLC
  • Richard Taylor Architects
  • Silver Lake Media
  • Sol Design Inc.
  • Step by Step Interior Design
  • Steve Parker Design
  • tmoxphoto Ltd.
  • Vellum LLC


A design group works on a project basis, often with large clients with limited loyalty to their vendors. Cash- flow becomes a consistent concern in this situation. The client finds it problematic to set goals and implement planning


SBS was engaged to insure that accurate data produced financial statements that could be used for projections. Both accrual and cash- basis cash flow statements were implemented with actual and projected updated reports as part of the monthly closing process. The owner could then engage in active planning with alternatives in place should projections not meet expectations.

Sales & Service

  • Advantage Medical Consulting
  • Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting LLC
  • Bark and Board LLC
  • BTB Fitness
  • Brand Illumination
  • Empower Energy Technology
  • Enginuity Works Corp
  • Entry Control Systems LLC
  • Heat Transfer Components Inc DBA Lincoln Associates
  • High Pointe Wealth Advisors
  • Hobson Eye Associates
  • Inman Solar
  • McGill & Fleming Landscape
  • MMW Financial
  • NewsRX
  • Please Rock LLC
  • P2 Partnership
  • Reliant Technology
  • Retail Strategy Partners
  • Services First
  • Waterstreet Consulting Services LLC
  • Vision Flooring Solutions


A sales rep company pays a base salary plus commissions to its sales staff. A commission split and data collection process was not in place and sales staff were complaining.


An SBS consultant worked with the owner to evaluate various scenarios for the commission split, including industry standards. With a split favorable to owner and staff, a process was defined with steps: closing a job, posting a job and commission data, warranty reserve, etc. A well designed system guaranteed an unbiased approach to commissions which kept morale high and allowed consistent quarterly payouts.

Real Estate

  • Bradshaw Properties
  • Don Bender Inc.
  • Club Investments FLP
  • East Atlanta Partnership
  • East Atlanta Village Offices
  • Green Stone Designs LLC
  • Intown Beth Ann Inc.
  • Kirkwood at Cleveland LLC
  • Little 5 Points Partnership LLC
  • Point Center Partners
  • Pub Partners
  • Remax Metro Atlanta Inc.
  • Sixty-One Properties
  • Stowers & Company Inc.
  • Sold by SaraLee LLC
  • The Warehouse Partnership
  • T&E Real Estate Services Inc.


A restaurant corporation owns the real estate for each of their locations. The owners want to branch out and acquire non-related properties for rental purposes. Entity formation and tax/accounting structure questions were posed and responded to.


Planning was accomplished to explore the best strategy. A recommendation was made to form an LLC and transfer currently owned properties to the new LLC. New properties would be purchased by the LLC. The currently owned properties set up leases with the restaurant locations. This solution centralized passive income activity, making it easier for tax planning. An LLC is a preferred entity to hold either residential or commercial real estate. A QuickBooks file was set up and memorized reports formatted to show income and expenses for each property implemented. Reporting to lenders for loan purposes and to tax accountants becomes an easy task.

Retail & Wholesale

  • Banner Butter
  • First Class Imports & Exports
  • Look Young Atlanta
  • Paleo Comfort Foods LLC
  • Pure Luxe Inc.
  • The Mercantile
  • Mooncake Clothing Company
  • Symposium Wines LLC


Retail margins can be slim and the cost of goods section tells the story. An SBS client was showing poor margins with conflicting reports from other sources. Cost of Goods line items were inconsistent, showing a roller coaster profit margin.


An SBS consultant reviewed the POS system setup and in particular the data export tracking. The tracking had not been set up and the data was flowing into the Profit and Loss statement in a haphazard manner. Tracking was implemented and line items matched with sales line items. Now COG margins were accurate and food sales, wine and beer, etc could be determined by reviewing the P&L. Other useful reports were customized for the owner to see inventory levels.

Dining & Catering

  • Ball & Chain Inc.
  • Bell Street Burritos
  • Dennis Dean Inc
  • Fellini’s Pizza
  • Garnish and Gather
  • Greater Good BBQ
  • Lafonda Latina
  • L5P Corner Tavern
  • Squareball DBA Corner Tavern
  • Stone Soup Kitchen
  • TGK Restaurant LLC
  • Turmuric Indian Bistro LLC
  • Venkman’s
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