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Web Roundup: 4.9 – 4.13

This post is part of a weekly series featuring the best articles from across the internet pertaining to small business. Enjoy!

1] Did you ever wonder Why You’re a Startup Founder? This article may shed some light on that for you.

2] New Small Business Lessons in Social Media gives you a list of articles all related to what you should know about social media right now. There have been a lot of changes lately so make sure to check this out.

3] With the new bill having been passed here is What Small Businesses Should Know About Crowdfunding.

4] Raising the Floor on Pay discusses the possible increase of the minimum wage and what that might mean for small business owners.

5] It’s always a good reminder to learn How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch. This comes in handy every single day whether your seeking out potential clients or bump into someone new at the grocery.

The clip this week is just a reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that make life hilarious… enjoy!

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