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Web Roundup: 3.19 – 3.23

This post is part of a weekly series featuring the best articles from across the internet pertaining to small business. Enjoy!

1] 3 Strategies to Develop Your Business with Facebook are reminders we can all use. 

2] Busted: 5 Myths About Business Planning is a refreshing slide article that demystifies the business plan.

3] A Groupon Alternative Aims to Offer Small Business a Better Deal, as in Constant Contact [the email marketing juggernaut] wants to help you target your customers with coupons.

4] I don’t think a tax audit ranks high on anyone’s “Fun List” but in case it happens to you, here’s How to Handle a Tax Audit.

5] SmallBizTrends has pooled another bunch of great links and this week their talking all about how to Expand Your Market with Small Business Tips.

Lastly, the clip this week is about teamwork. Hope your team is working this well together!

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