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Web Roundup: 2.27 – 3.2

This post is part of a weekly series featuring the best articles from across the internet pertaining to small business. Enjoy!

1] Do your people possess the Eight Qualities of Remarkable Employees? Check out this Inc.com article to see how your staff stacks up.

2] There have been a few changes with the SBA, but most recently the SBA Changed the Definition of “Small Business”. This article quickly breaks down the move and what its effects could be.

3] Want to know How Offline Experience Generates Online WOM? This great example of personalized customer service is definitely one way to keep a client coming back for more.

4] The Small Business Authority Hour Focuses on Tax Filing Tips for 2012

5] Tax Season, yay! Here are 5 Things You Might Not Expect to Pay Taxes On

6] AdvisorOne is hosting Smart Tax Planning Now: 22 Days of 2012 Tax Planning Advice all throughout March. 22 days of articles, how to’s and tips all geared toward tax planning. This is definitely a series worth bookmarking this month.

For the video this week we’re focusing on a company that is changing it’s structure to mirror the times and consumer attitudes. This clip is more than hilarious, it actually makes a good point about adapting to your market as it shifts. What is your business doing to stand out?

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