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Web Roundup: 1.23 – 1.27

This post is part of a weekly series featuring the best articles from across the internet pertaining to small business. Enjoy!

1] We’re letting you off easy on the reading requirement this week because Social Media Trends for Small Businesses is actually a video. But don’t discount it, Social Media Examiner does some really great interviews and Anita Campbell knows what she’s talking about.

2] Self-Employed? IRS Says You Should Read This, no really, read it. Tax season is almost upon us and the IRS is about to be our best friend here at SBS. So take the advice the IRS is desperately trying to give and assure yourself a less stressful tax season. 

3] Across the pond, Britain’s Oldest Shopkeeper Retires. Holy moley, the man is 103 and still going strong! Here’s a little motivation for when you think all is lost, remember if this guy can make it through 78 long years in his business, one bad day won’t kill yours!

4] When a list of 14 Things That Really Matter in Business Strategy includes something like “Smile Often” you can be a little skeptical. But this is actually a good list that takes what you think you already know and dishes it right back to you.

5] Have you ever looked at the street view on Google Maps? Well, now you can Welcome Customers Into Your Business on Google. They’re testing it now in a couple cities [unfortunately not Atlanta, yet] and I have to say, it looks pretty cool. Could be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, as long as you tidy up first!

And finally, the video clip this week! Do you know what your employees are doing when you’re not there… I really hope it’s this…

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